• St. Joseph Health doctors, hospitals form Sonoma-Napa managed care network February 18, 2019
    St. Joseph Health has created a managed care network that brings together several local hospitals and more than 360 primary and specialty care physicians in Sonoma and Napa counties, the healthcare system announced Feb. 11. The network will launch April 1 and start a phased rollout as it begins transferring patients to the new network, […]
  • New medtech initiatives to be funded amid 9 percent FDA budget boost February 18, 2019
    FDA's device and radiological health programs are set to receive approximately $556 million between congressional funding and user fees in fiscal year 2019, up from about $507 million last year, if President Donald Trump signs the appropriations package that cleared the House and Senate. The nearly $269 million budget increase across FDA helps fund a […]
  • Study: Payers slowly migrating toward value-based reimbursement February 18, 2019
    While CMS has embraced value-based reimbursement, the country's health insurance companies are still far from widespread adoption, according to a new survey. The HealthEdge Voice of the Market survey revealed that different payers and their affiliates will reach value-based care at different times, as clear discrepancies exist among adoption rates.
  • Detecting hidden anxiety, depression in children February 18, 2019
    According to recent data from the National Survey of Children's Health, among children aged 3–17 years, 7.1 percent had current anxiety problems, 7.4 percent had a current behavioral/conduct problem and 3.2 percent had current depression. The prevalence of each disorder was higher with increased age. Despite the statistics, anxiety and depression in young children are […]
  • What is the oncology care model, why is the evaluation important? February 18, 2019
    The goal of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation's Oncology Care Model is to improve care coordination, appropriateness and access for beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy, while reducing total costs. Participating oncology practices enter into payment arrangements that include both financial and performance accountability for episodes of care initiated by chemotherapy administration.
  • Novel radiation therapy promising for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer February 18, 2019
    A novel, targeted radiation therapy called Lutetium-177 PSMA-617 has shown promising clinical activity in men with prostate-specific membrane antigen-positive metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer that progressed despite multiple standard therapies. "LuPSMA provides a new approach to a form of the disease that has been difficult to treat," said the lead study investigator in a news release.
  • Fight emerges over HIV/AIDS care February 18, 2019
    An ongoing legal battle over which managed-care plan should be picked by the state to provide care to low-income AIDS and HIV patients in South Florida has triggered a new round of litigation that pits two competitors. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation asked a circuit judge to order competitor Simply Healthcare to stop communicating with the […]
  • Health officials educate on flu prevention February 18, 2019
    Kids are heading back to school and the Benton Franklin Health District wants to help flu from spreading. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the No. 1 recommendation is a yearly flu vaccine. They say staying up to date with vaccines and immunizations will help protect you from flu viruses.
  • Using genomic data to empower patients February 18, 2019
    We live in an era where we are relentlessly reminded that our data is being misused. So much so, in fact, that we are completely fatigued by it, switching off to the constant news flow that tells us just how bad it has got—just when we thought it could not get worse. To cut through […]
  • Medicaid expansion necessary to address behavioral health crisis February 18, 2019
    Montana is in the midst of a substance use disorder and mental health crisis. The evidence is all around us, from the latest youth suicide report, increased homelessness in towns, increased involuntary commitments and news of drug overdoses. This is undoubtedly a complicated and urgent crisis, but it is not without solutions. Our state is […]