• Addressing the mental health fallout from the pandemic April 5, 2021
    The prolonged period of stress and trauma from the COVID-19 pandemic could result in long-term and pervasive mental health effects, according to Archana Basu of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Pandemic-related mental health problems could include increased rates of severe anxiety, depression, and self-injuring behaviors, said Basu, a clinical psychologist at Massachusetts General […]
  • Solving the ACO's out-of-network utilization problem April 5, 2021
    Physician networks are key to the success of accountable care organizations. Leaders of these organizations, otherwise known as ACOs, lean on their networks of high-quality, cost-efficient providers to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs of care and achieve shared savings.
  • Researchers shed new light on DNA replication April 5, 2021
    In preparation for cell division, cells need to replicate the DNA that they contain. A team of researchers from TU Delft, collaborating with investigators from the Francis Crick Institute in London, has now shown that the protein building blocks involved in the initial steps of DNA replication are mobile but reduce their speed at specific […]
  • Accelerating value-based care transformation today and post COVID-19 April 5, 2021
    One year into the COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare leaders are taking a hard look at all operations – especially innovative reimbursement models that best meet the needs of their business, providers and patients. No doubt these leaders are finally paying closer attention to value-based care.
  • CMS delays CHART Model's ACO transformation track April 5, 2021
    CMS has pushed back the application cycle by a year for a new rural-focused accountable care organization model. In an email sent March 30, CMS said it has delayed the request for applications release date from spring 2021 to spring 2022 for the ACO Transformation Track of the upcoming Community Health Access and Rural Transformation […]
  • Biden, congressional democrats preparing push for lowering Medicare eligibility to age 60 April 5, 2021
    Biden administration is pushing infrastructure spending first. But when it unveils its major healthcare plan next month, one of the central proposals will be the lowering of the age at which Americans are eligible for Medicare from 65 to 60 , the Wall Street Journal reported.
  • Evidence of DNA collection from air April 5, 2021
    Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have shown for the first time that animal DNA shed within the environment can be collected from the air. The proof-of-concept study, published in the journal PeerJ, opens up potential for new ecological, health and forensic applications of environmental DNA, which to-date has mainly been used to survey […]
  • Genome sequencing shows coronavirus variation drives pandemic surges April 5, 2021
    Genome sequencing of thousands of SARS-CoV-2 samples shows that surges of COVID-19 cases are driven by the appearance of new coronavirus variants, according to new research. Combining classical epidemiology and genomics could be a new tool for predicting the course of pandemics.
  • Infographic: The employee mental health crisis is coming April 5, 2021
    Spring is here, the days are getting longer and experts are teasing a potential return to normal in time for 4th of July fireworks and summer barbeques. Still, the damage the pandemic has inflicted on the mental health of Americans won’t be so quickly undone. According to a recent survey from Unmind and WELCOA, 45% […]