• Next Generation ACOs saved Medicare over $184M in 2018 January 14, 2020
    Next Generation accountable care organizations (ACO) reduced spending by 1.11% in 2018, returning more than $184 million to the Medicare Trust Funds, according to new program results from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. The results noted that those figures accounted for the savings generated by the discount applied to the performance year benchmark and […]
  • When the healthcare C-suite embraces the digital age January 14, 2020
    In the healthcare ecosystem, digital technologies have been gaining prevalence, market share, and clinical applicability for years. In the 21st century, the ubiquity of these innovative advancements is increasing. On the leadership front, many health systems have been lagging behind in terms of bringing the digital age into the C-suite, but that calculus now seems […]
  • CMS addresses duplicate discounts, state Medicaid rebate requests January 14, 2020
    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has issued guidance that will help states avoid pursuing a duplicate discount from manufacturers when submitting state Medicaid rebate requests. Manufacturers are not required to both provide a "340B price" and pay the state a rebate under the Medicaid drug rebate program for the same drug, the bulletin explains. Nevertheless, […]
  • Autism may share inherited variants with other psychiatric conditions January 14, 2020
    Some of the inherited variants implicated in autism also increase the odds of other conditions, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a new study. The results come from an international effort called the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, which involves more than 800 scientists.
  • New study: Health care paperwork cost $812B January 14, 2020
    A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds that the healthcare bureaucracy cost Americans $812 billion in 2017. This represented more than one-third of total expenditures for doctor visits, hospitals, long-term care and health insurance. The study estimated that cutting U.S. administrative costs to Canadian levels would have saved more than $600 billion.
  • Minority patients are less likely to see oncologists who understand their culture January 14, 2020
    Studies have shown that minorities with cancer are underrepresented in clinical trials, have worse survival outcomes and are less likely to be offered genetic testing than their non-Hispanic white counterparts. For these and other reasons, many nonwhite minority cancer survivors believe their physicians should either share or understand their culture, according to results of a […]
  • Why you need to update your hospital's ventilation system January 14, 2020
    As a hospital administrator, proper infection control is an incredibly important task. Nosocomial infections — the viral and bacterial illnesses that your patients may contract while at the hospital after being admitted for another reason — are a constant and vexing concern at most facilities. Yet, taking a fresh overview of your ventilation system, making […]
  • 10 health hacks for 2020 January 14, 2020
    A new year is upon us and with it typically comes the desire to get healthy. Here are some health hacks to give your healthy resolutions a jump-start! For example, if sitting is the new smoking, then it's essential to find creative ways to move. Instead of setting aside time to stretch or move, double […]
  • Restrictions on fetal tissue research unsettle key studies and scientists January 14, 2020
    A recent Trump administration decision to limit funding of research that uses fetal tissue is already disrupting research into major diseases, including AIDS, Down syndrome and diabetes, scientists say. The controversial federal funding rules are reshaping scientists' research paths and the grants they seek from the National Institutes of Health. Graduate students cannot get training […]
  • 3 tools to help limit or stop your anxiety January 14, 2020
    I know how debilitating anxiety can be. I've experienced the discomfort of anxiety at different times in my life. Even now, I've found myself feeling anxious about the future, making the right decisions about business and where I want to live. After getting help for extreme anxiety years ago, and learning how common it was, […]