• New drug to treat ALS now available in the United States August 15, 2017
    For the first time in more than 20 years, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug to treat ALS. Radicava, an infusion therapy developed in Japan, is now available in the United States and it has proved to be very effective for patients. “It’s a great day for the ALS community. It’s […]
  • Revolutionizing mental healthcare through technology August 15, 2017
    The new thing that will transform the way healthcare — particularly mental healthcare — is provided involves technology. It is apparent that in our society and civilization, so much of what we do and how our lifestyles are shaped is related to technologic progress and innovation. Just look at the Internet; look at electricity; look […]
  • To save a bundle, these payments need to change August 15, 2017
    Bundled payment systems have been with us a long while and maybe it’s time to tweak them, according to an opinion piece in JAMA. The authors argue that bundled payments can be even more cost-effective if their durations are lengthened, if some of the bundled services can be performed outside a hospital, and if they […]
  • From thousands of suspects, researchers ferret out cancer-causing genes August 15, 2017
    A Yale-led team of researchers has identified specific gene combinations that can cause deadly brain cancer glioblastoma, using new technology that can also pinpoint triggers of other types cancers, they report Aug. 14 in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Scientists have been adept at identifying mutations present in a variety of cancers in patients, but it […]
  • Healthcare is one of the nation's biggest problems August 15, 2017
    Nearly a quarter of Americans said healthcare is the most important issue facing the country today, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. It beat out the economy, immigration, foreign policy and Donald Trump. Fewer than 5 percent named each of several other issues, like the environment, civil rights, government spending and education.
  • Breast cancer study in India shows how the country can avoid crisis August 15, 2017
    A new study examining breast cancer awareness in India has found that a lack of early diagnosis is leading the country towards an epidemic. They found that educating men could be key to encouraging women to seek help earlier.
  • Healthcare serial killers: Patterns and policies August 15, 2017
    In a sordid, widely followed case that had repercussions beyond the borders of Canada, the Ontario-based nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer was recently convicted of killing eight elderly patients and causing harm to a further six people in her care. The case was eerily reminiscent of those of two British serial killer nurses, Beverley Allitt and Benjamin […]
  • Why healthcare must make the shift to interoperability 2.0 August 15, 2017
    In today’s shifting health industry landscape, as more organizations are going at risk and accountable care organizations continue to proliferate, healthcare providers are searching for ways to improve value-based care metrics to improve their processes. An essential component is a local or regional health information exchange organization.
  • Study: 133 percent leap in children admitted to ER for marijuana August 15, 2017
    As attitudes about marijuana shift around the world, researchers are warning parents that it's risky to keep it around children, especially those who are too young to know what it is. The number of children who were admitted to emergency rooms for unintentional marijuana intoxication increased by 133% in France over an 11-year period, according […]
  • Your Instagram posts may hold clues to your mental health August 15, 2017
    The photos you share online speak volumes. They can serve as a form of self-expression or a record of travel. They can reflect your style and your quirks. But they might convey even more than you realize: The photos you share may hold clues to your mental health, new research suggests.