• Talk to children about mental health and suicide, experts say January 18, 2021
    At Riley Hospital for Children there's been a jump in emergency room visits related to mental health and suicide. From March to December, these visits increased 61% compared to the same months in 2019. Hilary Blake, a psychologist at the Indianapolis hospital, says there is a mental health crisis in Indiana.
  • Telehealth flexibilities continue and ACOs are held harmless under public health emergency extension January 18, 2021
    With the public health emergency extended to April, providers get additional time to use waivers for telehealth and other flexibilities. Aside from these flexibilities, the public health emergency holds accountable care organizations harmless from financial losses for the months in which the PHE is in effect. For example, if the PHE is in effect for […]
  • Many identical twins actually have slightly different DNA January 18, 2021
    Research published on Jan. 7 in the journal Nature Genetics shows that identical twins differ by an average of 5.2 genetic mutations. The authors argue that these small differences between twins’ genetic code could change how scientists study human development.
  • New directions for healthcare consumerism January 18, 2021
    From declining brand loyalty, increased care deferment, the fast adoption of telehealth, a rise in wearable tech and a broader focus on social media marketing, NRC Health, the leading provider of in-depth customer intelligence in healthcare, shared millions of healthcare consumers' current preferences for care in the recent 2021 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report.
  • Next generation ACOs saved Medicare $558M in 2019 January 18, 2021
    Accountable care organizations taking on the greatest financial risk in Medicare through the Next Generation ACO Model saved the public payer over $558 million in 2019, according to partial data from CMS. CMS released the data yesterday on 37 of the 41 Next Generation ACOs participating in 2019. The data excluded savings and quality data […]
  • COVID-19 utilization declines: The top red flags for payers and providers January 18, 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. has led to a significant drop in medical procedures as a result of individual and organizational precautions. This decrease, particularly during the first months of the pandemic, has and will continue to have severe implications for plans, providers and patients.
  • Prenatal stress may mutate child's DNA, increase risk for disease January 18, 2021
    Maternal stress during pregnancy may mutate the child’s DNA and thus affect risk for developing disease, according to study results published in Biological Psychiatry. This risk may be particularly prevalent among Black women, researchers noted.
  • Repeat DNA expands our understanding of autism spectrum disorder January 18, 2021
    A link has been found between repetitive stretches of DNA called tandem repeats and autism spectrum disorder. The discovery might inform approaches to studying tandem repeats in a wide range of other human disorders.
  • Older adults' mental health is resilient during pandemic, new study finds January 18, 2021
    Older U.S. adults are showing signs of resilience and perseverance in the face of loneliness and isolation, according to an ongoing study by the University of Chicago. In fact, only 9% of study participants told researchers that they were experiencing “fair or poor overall mental health,” compared with 7% of respondents five years ago. Participants […]