• Experts issue new treatment algorithm for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps that highlights role of XHANCE® in stepwise June 14, 2021
    Optinose, a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on serving the needs of patients cared for by ear, nose and throat and allergy specialists, today announced that the publication of a new stepped-care treatment algorithm in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, "Multidisciplinary consensus on a stepwise treatment algorithm for management of chronic rhinosinusitis with […]
  • Softer alignment of Medicare ACOs may still lead to higher prices for office visits June 14, 2021
    A softer form of health care consolidation, where independent primary care practices align in certain Medicare accountable care organizations to negotiate with payers, may lead to higher prices, but not to an overwhelming extent, according to a new study published in Health Affairs.
  • Bill aims to fix glitch that penalizes rural ACOs even if they generate savings June 14, 2021
    New bipartisan legislation aims to fix a glitch that can penalize rural accountable care organizations that reduce costs. The legislation, introduced June 8, would fix a flaw that requires all ACOs to measure their performance against themselves, which lawmakers say can disproportionately impact rural providers. The bill comes as ACO advocates have been worried about […]
  • Specialty exceeds traditional in drug spend June 14, 2021
    Specialty drugs used to be the boutique part of the drug spend: expensive, yes, but unusual. Ten years ago, specialty accounted for 15% to 20% of the money spent on drugs, according to Prem Shah, executive vice president of specialty pharmacy and product innovation at CVS Health.
  • Expanding access to mental health care: How employers can (and should) take the lead June 14, 2021
    We are watching a mental health crisis unfold in this country. The COVID-19 pandemic turned many employees into essential workers overnight while others became remote, indefinitely. Schools went virtual, family members were separated, there was a barrage of negative news every day, and life as we knew it was canceled.
  • Let's not lose sight of patient experience with virtual care June 14, 2021
    Strategies are needed that take most, if not, all of the burden away from the patient so that RPM enhances their experience with their care. Both telehealth and RPM have those elements needed to improve the patient experience, including good communication between doctors and patients and improved patient engagement.
  • DNA test to predict odds of severe COVID-19 draws scrutiny June 14, 2021
    For people not yet vaccinated against COVID-19 or still nervous about venturing into crowds, the sales pitch may be alluring: Drool into a tube to provide your DNA and mail it off to see how likely you are to be among the 10% to 15% of people who will end up in the hospital or […]
  • A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps June 14, 2021
    When the sequencing of the human genome was announced two decades ago by the Human Genome Project and biotech firm Celera Genomics, the sequence was not truly complete. About 15% was missing: technological limitations left researchers unable to work out how certain stretches of DNA fitted together, especially those where there were many repeating letters.
  • Experts announce new treatment algorithm for chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps, emphasizing the role of XHANCE® in phased care June 14, 2021
    Optinolaryngology and Optinose, a global specialty pharmaceutical company that addresses the needs of allergy specialists, today announced the announcement of a new step-by-step treatment. did.Treatment algorithm International Forum on Allergy and Nasal Science, “Interdisciplinary agreement on a step-by-step treatment algorithm for the management of chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps, “Recommends a breath delivery system-fluticasone for […]
  • Highly specialized testing will allow for fast, precise cancer treatment June 14, 2021
    Patients in Kentuckiana have access to faster diagnoses and personalized care thanks to specialized laboratory capabilities and equipment to perform on-site genomic testing. The highly specialized testing will make it possible to diagnose and treat cancer more precisely and to tailor advanced treatments based on a tumor’s specific genetic composition.