• Medical students: Find your place in fast-moving health systems August 20, 2019
    The healthcare system is changing fast, and future physicians need to understand their role and ethical obligations in helping ensure patients’ health and well-being is maximized, while the costs are minimized, in an environment that provides a patient-centered experience.
  • FDA expands indication for several transcatheter heart valves to patients at low risk for death or major complications associated with open-heart surgery August 20, 2019
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved an expanded indication for several transcatheter heart valves to include patients with severe aortic valve stenosis (a narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve that restricts blood flow to aorta, the body’s main artery) who are at low risk for death or major complications associated with open-heart surgery to […]
  • Medical trade association makes value-based care recommendations to CMS August 20, 2019
    An association representing more than 450 multispecialty medical groups and integrated delivery systems is urging CMS to implement policies to advance the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. AMGA said the recommendations are aimed at reducing Medicare programs' regulatory complexity to ensure support for providers as they deliver care in value-based models.
  • Scarcity of scientific studies on interventions to reduce health inequities in LGBTQ youth August 20, 2019
    There is a dearth of scientifically investigated, evidence-based interventions to address substance use, mental health conditions and violence victimization in sexual and gender minority youth, according to a research review led by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and published in the journal Pediatrics.
  • Strategies for optimal physician practice onboarding August 20, 2019
    The merger and acquisitions frenzy gripping the healthcare field is alive and well. A key indicator is the fact that hospitals continue to acquire physician practices at an impressive rate. According to 2018 research from the Physicians Advocacy Institute, hospitals acquired 5,000 physician practices in a single year, continuing a four-year trend that by all […]
  • Use of algorithm safely reduces therapy for certain children with neuroblastoma August 20, 2019
    A biology- and response-based treatment algorithm helped reduce therapy for subsets of children with intermediate-risk neuroblastoma while maintaining high rates of 3-year OS, according to results of a prospective phase 3 study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology.
  • The health perks millennials want August 20, 2019
    Welltok’s Millennials: Raising the Bar for Well-being shows that millennials are demanding more from their employers in terms of well-being support, including wanting support from managers and wellbeing programs, and multiple ways (including digital) to access resources. Nearly eight in 10 say their employer should be doing more to help support their health and well-being […]
  • New York funds Cary Institute Lyme disease prevention study August 20, 2019
    The Tick Project worked with State Senator Jennifer Metzger to secure the funding as part of the state budget. The money is in addition to $250,000 the freshman lawmaker secured weeks before to fight tick-borne diseases. “Lyme is the fastest growing vector-borne disease in the United States and accounts for more than 80% of tick-borne […]
  • First clinical trial of drug-inducible gene therapy yields encouraging preliminary results August 20, 2019
    Immunotherapeutic drugs are a potent way of transforming the immune system into a ferocious guard dog that can sniff out and destroy tumor cells. But for some therapies, it helps to have a leash. Without one, immunotherapies can do their job too well, stimulating the immune system to overreact, causing systemic toxicity.
  • Improving mental health for older victims of crime August 20, 2019
    Psychiatric researchers at UCL are working with the Metropolitan Police and local branches of mental health charity Mind, to trial a new intervention aimed at reducing the distressing psychological outcomes, known to be prevalent among older victims of crime.