• Employer-sponsored health plans prove costly to consumers December 11, 2018
    Workers and their families are spending a larger share of their income on their employer-sponsored health plans, according to a new study from the Commonwealth Fund. Coauthored by Sara Collins, Vice President of Health Care Coverage and Access at The Commonwealth Fund, and David Radley, Ph.D., a senior scientist for The Commonwealth Fund’s Tracking Health […]
  • How does cancer spread? December 11, 2018
    How does cancer spread? While studying human brain tumour cells, a team of scientists found some answers to this crucial, yet so far unanswered question. They looked at a gene called EGFRvIII, which is present in patients with glioblastoma — a highly aggressive form of brain cancer that spreads quickly and that is difficult to […]
  • The concerns with a faster move to risk for ACOs December 11, 2018
    Pushing accountable care organizations (ACOs) to take on risk faster will likely result in ACOs that aren’t ready just dropping out of the program and could impact participation in value-based care, said Allison Brennan, MPP, senior vice president of government affairs for the National Association of ACOs.
  • Screen time changes structure of kids' brains, '60 Minutes' says December 11, 2018
    Smartphones, tablets and video games are physically changing the brains of adolescents, early results from an ongoing $300 million study funded by the National Institute of Health have shown, according to a report by “60 Minutes.” Scientists will follow more than 11,000 nine- to 10-year-olds for a decade to see how childhood experiences impact the […]
  • Virtual visits led to uptick in overall visits at Massachusetts ACO, study shows December 11, 2018
    Virtual visits are often used to supplement costly in-person care, but to be truly disruptive and help achieve value-based care goals they need to actually replace in-person visits. This study shows in-person visits were replaced with virtual visits but only for a short duration. For every 3.5 virtual visits, one in-person visit was avoided, the […]
  • FDA approves Tecentriq-based combination for first-line treatment of lung cancer December 11, 2018
    The FDA approved atezolizumab in combination with bevacizumab, paclitaxel and carboplatin for first-line treatment of patients with metastatic nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer. The atezolizumab (Tecentriq, Genentech)-based regimen is indicated for patients without epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) or anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) genomic tumor aberrations.
  • America's healthcare system is a reason to smile December 11, 2018
    A seed has been planted and a narrative has taken root that America’s health care system is in decline. Pointed barbs from critics claim that the medical system has “stopped focusing on health or even science” and is single-mindedly focused on its own profits. A report from the respected Commonwealth Fund finds that the United […]
  • Breast cancer testing guidelines out of date, missing genetic screening, says study December 11, 2018
    The current guidelines for genetic testing of breast cancer patients limit the number of women who can get tested. Because of these restrictions, these tests miss as many patients with hereditary cancers as they find, according to a study published Monday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. "Unfortunately, insurance companies pay attention to these guidelines," […]
  • Hangover anxiety: This personality trait makes you more likely to suffer 'hangxiety' December 11, 2018
    Very shy people are more likely to suffer from anxiety caused by drinking than those who are more extroverted, according to a study. A portmanteau of “anxiety” and “hangover,” “hangxiety” describes the state of distress some people feel after drinking alcohol. Researchers set out to understand whether a person's shyness affects their experience of hangxiety.
  • Will your therapist go on strike? 4,000 mental health workers protesting Kaiser Permanente December 11, 2018
    Thousands of psychologists, therapists, social workers and psychiatric nurses will begin a five-day strike Monday against Kaiser Permanente at more than 100 facilities across California, demanding one of the nation's largest non-profit HMOs devote more resources to mental health services. The shortage of mental health professionals is a growing problem nationwide.